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About Us

Welcome to Nova Fortuny, where we have been offering a fantastic shopping experience in the Greater London Area since 2002. We owe our success ultimately to one key factor: we love what we do. Every single member of our team is passionate about helping you choose just the right items and supplying great customer service.

Loyal customers range from the Classic to the Exciting Trend Setter, all seeking something different from the everyday high street brands.  We offer Designer Style so you won’t need to travel too far to find the right look.

Throughout the year we add fashion jewelry to enhance our mix to keep it fresh.  A sprinkling of fabulous on-trend bags, scarves and hats completes our combination of beautiful and unique accessories. Home & Gift have not been forgotten with an eclectic mix of audio players, pots and crazy decorative ornaments.

We have been so inspired by the response from our enthusiastic customers.  ''Thank You'' for all of your support!

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